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Oct 11 2011

I must have magical powers…

Khairi has been suspended 3 times. He is known to run out of our classroom, spend entire lessons crawling from underneath one table to the next poking the legs of other children as they are working, locking himself in the boys bathroom stall hysterically laughing and refusing to come out. And also, chair throwing….
I was thinking about Khairi as I was driving into work today…thinking about how he was probably going to ruin my great math lesson by using the unifex cubes as weapons, or throw a tantrum during my read aloud because I didn’t call on him to answer EVERY question. Just thinking about it I made me frustrated and just plain angry. When I got into my classroom, I told my co-teacher that I just couldn’t take it anymore and today, Khairi had to make it through the day…I felt so desperate and decided…

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I’ve been a Kindergarten teacher for 7 weeks. These 30 five year olds have pretty much taken over my life. Luckily, they are super adorable and when they are not trying to eat their shoelaces or throw a chair at me…they are very lovable. It’s amazing how insecure a 5 year old could make you…

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Jun 25 2011

Post Induction…Pre Institute

The fire drills weren’t the only surprises at Induction…

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Jun 13 2011


In 8 days I will pack up my honda civ with my twin XL sheets, shower shoes, fan (oh my gosh, I will miss sleeping with air conditioning), and about 10lbs of pre-Institute work (that I still haven’t finished-yikes). I’ll head to Teach for America (TFA) Institute, located at St. John’s University, where I will…

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